what is Mighty Brighty - Projection Screen Paint

Turn your wall into a Home Cinema screen
1. Define your screen area     2. Paint your screen on the wall     3. Enjoy Enormous Fun

Mighty Brighty is a new and unique concept for creating the perfect projection screen right on your wall. Just paint it on, sit back and enjoy. Always exactly the right size and format (4:3, 16:9, etc.). Always exactly flat and straight. Always exactly the right screen surface for your type of projector, projector position and the amount of light in your room. Plus it's invisible when you are not using your projector (MPW 30 only).

Enjoy enormous fun
Many people still project straight on to an untreated white wall, but this produces a poor quality image. Until now, the only other option was buying an projection screen that can sometimes cost almost as much as the projector itself. With a separate screen comes the hassle of setting it up and finding a place to store it, or even worse, installing a permanent bulky tube in your ceiling. Plus, there's a good chance that the screen will stretch out of shape over time. Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint is a much better way to go. You just paint it onto your wall and you always get the perfect picture.
  - Always exactly the right screen surface for your situation
  - Crystal Clear & High Contrast. Richer Colours & Enormous Fun
  - For Living Rooms, Home Cinemas, Cafés, Offices and more
  - Magnetic dark border to create the ultimate contrast effect
  - Simply remove the border and all you see is a normal wall